Low sperm count : Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Low Sperm Count

When a couple are trying to start a family and not able to conceive, they also go through a variety of emotions. If there are no good signs, it is disheartening. The common notion when finding causes is that there may be a fertility problem with the woman. Because of lack of knowledge of male fertility problems, couples never consider taking the strategy of conducting a fertility test for the men.
Low sperm count and infertility are more common in males than most couples assume. While there are many tests to diagnose female infertility, not many are aware of the developments in medical science that have helped not only diagnose but often cure male infertility. But before we look at the therapies, we need to consider and recognize the signs of what causes male infertility.

Low Sperm Count Signs

Low sperm count is one of the most common male infertility issues where the fluids or semen that is ejaculated during an orgasm has fewer sperm count compared to a usual amount. Low sperm count, referred to as oligospermia, is a condition when less than fifteen million sperm per milliliter of semen is counted. In the semen sample, another condition where there is no sperm is called Azoospermia. A low number of sperms decreases the chances of fertilizing one of the sperms with the egg of the parent, which leads to a healthy pregnancy.

Low Sperm Count Symptoms

Low sperm counts, aside from infertility, do not display any clear signs. But you may want to see a doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Low Sperm Count Causes

  • Varicoceles : Varicoceles is the swollen veins in the scrotum that results in infertility. Due to the blockage of blood flow to the scrotum, there is difficulty in temperature regulation which does not favour the production of sperms resulting in low sperm count.
  • Ejaculation Issues : When semen enters the bladder instead of going out through the penis, it's called Retrograde Ejaculation. There are various reasons for Retrograde Ejaculations like diabetes, surgery of bladder, medication, etc. Some men with spinal cord injuries or other diseases can not ejaculate semen, even though they still produce sperms. In such cases, sperms can be retrieved using and used for assisted reproduction.
  • Hormonal Imbalances : Any hormonal abnormality affecting the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal gland can result in infertility.
  • Certain Medications : Certain medications can impair sperm production like long term use of steroids, testosterone replacement therapy, chemotherapy and certain antifungal medications.
  • Lifestyle : Men who consume alcohol or tobacco can lead to erectile dysfunction or decreased sperm production. Consumption of drugs like marijuana or cocaine can reduce the quality and production of sperms. Other few reasons like emotional stress, depression and obesity can lead to infertility.

Low Sperm Count Treatment

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) has become a popular treatment pursued by men who suffer from infertility issues as one of the safest and most effective processes. The ICSI procedure is performed where every ripe female egg is injected with a single sperm and then combined with in vitro fertilization at an infertility clinic. Couples choose male infertility treatment in Udaipur for Couples choose Sparsh Women Hospital Infertility Hospital, where we implement the best technologies for our patients to achieve parenthood.
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