Laparoscopic Surgery Process
Laparoscopic surgery is an important procedure, which involves some steps, which are as follows-

Step 1:

This surgery starts with anesthesia being given to the person. Anesthesia is given to any person so that he/she does not feel any kind of pain during this whole process.

Step 2:

After giving anesthesia to the person, he/she is given medicines, which make his body fit for this surgery. These medicines mainly work to reduce the chances of any kind of risks.

Step 3:

Putting a cut on the stomach- After giving medicine to a person, the doctor makes a small cut in his/her stomach. The main procedure of this surgery begins with the cutting of the abdomen.

Step 4:

Inserting the tube into the cut- After the doctor makes the cut on the stomach of the person, they put a thin tube in that cut.

Step 5:

Inserting the liposcope- After making the tube in a small cut on the abdomen, an instrument called liposcope is inserted into that tube. The liposcope instrument is mainly like a telescope mounted on a camera, this camera shows a picture of the internal organs of the stomach on the computer.

Step 6:

Curing the disease- This entire process is done through a liposcope. Doctors treat the disease by looking at the picture shown on the computer with this device. Simultaneously this surgery is done.