Common Signs Of Infertility In Men and Women
Experiencing issues with infertility are common in couples now a day as it increase with age. Until they start trying to conceive, there is no any reason of suspect that they may have infertility. For this reason, it is recommended that couples who are trying to get pregnant for over a year but failed should seek the advice of IVF Specialist or Doctor.

Signs and Symptoms of Infertility

Infertility signs and symptoms are commonly related to other underlying problems. For example, 10 to 15% of untreated chlamydia cases will result in pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID develops fallopian tube blockage, which inhibits pregnancy.
There are many conditions that could lead to men and women infertility. The signs and symptoms of each would be very different. Don't be afraid, you should consult with your doctor.
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Common Signs of Infertility in Women

There are some of the well known Common Signs of Infertility in Women :

  •  Irregular Periods.
  •  Painful or Heavy Periods.
  •  No Periods.
  •  Symptoms of Hormone Fluctuations.
  •  Pain During Sex.

Common Signs of Infertility in Men

There are some of the well known Common Signs of Infertility in Men :

  • Changes in Sexual Desire.
  • Testicle Pain or Swelling.
  • Problems Maintaining Erection.
  • Issues With Ejaculation.
  • Small, Firm Testicles.

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Infertility impact around 15 to 20% of couples that will trying to conceive. Female factor infertility is mainly to blame 40% of the time, whereas male factor infertility is to blame 30-40% of the time.
Infertility is caused by a combination of these factors 20 to 30% of the time.
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